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Lemon Twist

Shop Lemon Twist vape juice bottles at the Best Cheap Prices Online. Try top juice flavors like Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade, Wild Watermelon, and Peach Blossom vape juice. See why reviewers rated Lemon Twist one of the top brand of 2018! Premium Lemon Twist E Juice comes in either 60ml or 120ml sizes of Ejuice.
Model: 2kyjmzfz
TWST Salts Iced Pink Punch 2x30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceIced Pink Punch: A refreshing blend of sour lemon flavor mixed with sweet pink lemonade and an icy kick of menthol. The tart and tangy taste combined with a blast of cooling menthol will leave your mouth watering after every puff. For an unforgett..
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Model: qblpdxa1
TWST Salts ICED Pucker Punch 2x30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceTWST Salts ICED Pucker Punch: A delicious mix of tropical fruit flavors blended with an icy menthol finish. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and cool menthol create a decadent experience of mouth-watering bliss. Try ICED Pucker Punch by TWS..
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Model: yjm85s8m
TWST Salts Mango Cream Dream 2x30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceMango Cream Dream: Ripe mango fruits combined with delectable vanilla cream for a smooth and luxurious tropical vape flavor that you won't soon forget. Thick and creamy, with all-natural taste from hand-picked mangoes from the most popular islan..
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Model: cgl1uny9
Flavor DescriptionPink Punch by Twst Salt has been one of the most sought-after fruit flavored eJuices in the entire vaping industry. A dazzling dash of pink lemonade offers the perfect cloud of refreshment on a hot summer day! Indulge in pink lemonade clouds for days!Nicotine: 35 MG/50 MG | Bottle ..
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Model: 7bcrri01
TWST Salts Watermelon Madness 2x30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceWatermelon Madness: Tart lemonade infused with juicy watermelon flavor. Delicious fruit pairs nicely with the tangy lemonade taste. Vapers who want tart and fruity vape juices should check out Watermelon Madness from Twist Salts. Salt nic vape ..
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Model: 3aprm7xj
TWST SALT Watermelon Madness ICED 2x30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceWatermelon Madness ICED: Fresh lemonade flavor infused with juicy watermelon taste, accented with a blast of icy menthol. Delicious fruit pairs nicely with the tangy lemonade taste and classic chilling cool. Vapers who want tart and fruity ..
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